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Who We Are

We are a group of college students dedicated to making an impact in the education space. We saw a gap in the current system and wanted to help students hone practical soft skills. Through our work, we aim to support the transition from college to industry.

What We Do

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Our mission is to deliver passionate students the opportunity to overcome the gaps in our education system by hosting events that cultivate the students’ soft skills, empowering them to be confident in implementing innovative ideas.

We host hackathons that are built to teach students practical soft skills and how the industry would actually work. This includes networking, presenting, public speaking, teamwork, and other soft skills. These come in the form of mini events, product development competitions, and workshops.

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Why We Do It

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The current education system is dedicated towards simply teaching academics; it is not built to teach everything that is relevant in life. Our program is meant to complement the academic system, as we want students to be capable of thriving in a real-world/non-academic setting.

Interested in joining our cause?

Treasure Hacks is a growing community of change makers looking to make a difference through education and development of interpersonal skills for students. If you are interested in being a part of our Treasure Hacks Team, check out our LinkedIn for updates on open positions!

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