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Our event sponsors are the ones that really create unique experiences and opporunity for our students. In an event, a sponsor can do an assortment of things such as provide funding, give students access to their efficiant tools/APIs, host workshops, and much more. In return, we are happy to provide an assortment of benefits such as access to student resumes, your logo on our shirts, or the ability to send recruiters.

Our standby mentors help students will any sort of programming questions or issues that they have during our events. They essentially are on standby in our discord until then. Workshop mentors host workshops that they design themselves that aim to educate students on either skills (ex. Python), careers (ex. being a data scientist), or knowledge within a field (ex. machine learning). These all occur through zoom and range from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Our judges are tasked with judging the assortment of projects that students produce in our competitions. We provide them with a rubric and a chat to discuss things with other judges. These are essential to our organization and unfortunately we can only take people with certification.

Interested in making a positive impact in the hackathon community? Consider volunteering for our next event! As a volunteer, you will play a crucial role in ensuring its smooth running and success. You'll be helping with tasks and contributing to a positive and inclusive environment for all participants. Join us and make a difference in the world of technology and innovation!

Our organization sponsors are partners in our endeavor to enhance students’ education. We value any expertise or perspective that you are willing to provide and aim to be as transparent as possible to you. With your assistance, we hope to become as efficient of an organization as possible to increase our impact.