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And so it begins...

In an era of complete reliance on digital communication and engagement, the original Treasure Hacks Team was eager to try something new. We attended our first online hackathon together in February of 2021, and it became the catalyst that inspired the us to found Treasure Hacks and cultivate it into what it is today.

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Through hard work and dedication, the team has spent the last few years improving the Treasure Hacks platform to become an organization dedicated towards education and preparation of real-world skills. We hope our story can inspire others who have dreams worth pursuing.

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February, 2021

The Treasure Hacks Team joins their first ever online hackathon. The event was enjoyable and fun, but the team felt that improvements could be made to make the hackathon even better.

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October, 2021

October, 2021

Over six months, the team builds a community with their own online hackathon. By conducting thorough qualification checks on workshop hosts and engaging more with individuals, Treasure Hacks became a fun, dependable hackathon experience for students around the globe.

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March, 2022

Treasure Hacks 2.0: Riding off of the success of their first online hackathon, the team continues to make improvements and increase engagement for their next event.

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Treasure Hacks Participant Growth over the years

Hackathon 1 (2021) Hackathon 2 (2022) Hackathon 3 (2023)

Treasure Hacks 2.0

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in Prizes

some other text goes here, such as this: Treasure Hacks 2.0 had 144 more participants, 32 more projects, and $24,935 more in prizes.

January, 2023

Treasure Hacks 3.0: With $217,398 in prizes and 587 participants, Treasure Hacks 3.0 has been the most successful hackathon hosted for the organization thus far. This success has inspired the team to take on new directions and expand from an online platform to in-person events and partnerships.

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Only the beginning...

This story is only the beginning of our organization’s journey. Treasure Hacks is always looking to improve, adapt, and evolve to become better with each event. Help take Treasure Hacks to new heights as sponsor, donor, or volunteer.

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Through in-kind promotions, fiscal donations, publicity assistance, and more, sponsors can directly help our community.

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Donors make a serious impact as monetary donations help pay for all aspects of events, including venue, food, and prizes.

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Volunteers are vital to the success of our event. They help with judging, mentoring, hosting workshops, and staffing.

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