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And so it begins...

In an era where generations are born with technology, face-to-face interaction has been seemingly left behind. When everything was online, we iterated on what it meant to help people who are less experienced in hackathons. Coming out of COVID, we were inspired by our success to take on challenges affecting a larger student base.

Brandon Joe and Ethan Kosaki introducing Hackathon 3.0

Anthony at Cause Conference 2023

Since January 2023, we’ve shifted our focus from improving the hackathon space to rethinking what it means to step into the professional world. We now host in-person events revolving around teaching communication and empathy skills, and we hope every student can express their passions with confidence.

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September, 2023

Testing the Waters

Inspired by soft skills we learned from hosting hackathons, we attended a conference to share our vision of building these skills for students transitioning to the industry. We iterated on numerous ideas for an event and explored what was feasible.

Ethan Wang presenting at Cause Conference 2023

Solidifying Our Mission

November, 2023

Solidifying our Mission

We then experimented with hosting workshops on networking and presenting. This is when we solidified ourselves as a group of students who create fun, interactive experiences for others to build such skills in a low-risk environment.

Participants in Slide Deck Roulette

Group photo at the end of our debut Soft Skill Seminar
February, 2024

The First Event

After our workshops, we turned our focus to a larger event. Our first in-person seminar was a huge success amongst everyone who attended, and it gave partners confidence in our vision to connect the student and professional worlds.

Only the beginning...

This story is only the beginning of our organization’s journey. Treasure Hacks is always looking to improve, adapt, and evolve to become better with each event. Help take Treasure Hacks to new heights as sponsor, donor, or volunteer.

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Through in-kind promotions, fiscal donations, publicity assistance, and more, sponsors can directly help our community.

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Donors make a serious impact as monetary donations help pay for all aspects of events, including venue, food, and prizes.

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Volunteers are vital to the success of our event. They help with judging, mentoring, hosting workshops, and staffing.

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