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Soft Skill Symposiums

By focusing on experiential learning and partnering with local businesses, we simulate problem-solving in the workplace and build skills that enable students to share their perspectives.

High school hallway
  • Group photo at the end of our debut Soft Skill Seminar
    Treasure Hacks: Soft Skill Seminar

    Soft Skill Seminar (Feb '24)

    Empowering students to communicate their passion effectively.

  • Professional reviewing a paper

    Bonfire Symposium (TBD)

    Both the student and the professional world. At one time, at one place.

  • Sparks: Skill Previews

    Participants practicing their presenting skills in Slide Deck Roulette

    In our Skill Preview workshops, we provide young professionals with a safe space to build and practice a particular skill through a brief introduction and a feedback-driven game.

    Attendees and professionals networking at our debut Soft Skill Seminar

    Matches: Intro to Networking

    Learning and practicing strategies on striking an interesting conversation and expanding your network.

    Slide Deck Roulette participants
    Bonfire: Pitching Your Story

    Bonfire: Pitching Your Story

    Learning how to be confident in your pitch and learning how to tailor it towards your intended audience.

    Trails Mentorship

    As a part of our mission to enable individuals to succeed professionally, we aim to break the loop of needing experience to get experience. Our Trails program offers steps to transform your professional experience in a matter of months weeks.

    Participant networking with a professional at our debut seminar

    How We Got Here...

    Treasure Hacks 1.0 Winning Projects Collage

    Treasure Hacks 1.0

    October 15th - 18th, 2021

    Treasure Hacks 2.0 Winning Projects Collage

    Treasure Hacks 2.0

    March 24th - 26th, 2022

    Treasure Hacks 3.0 Winning Projects Collage

    Treasure Hacks 3.0

    January 13th - 15th, 2023